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Continental Tyres

Continental is a leading brand in the global automotive sector. Based in Germany, the multinational company is the third-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Here at Broadway Tyres & Servicing LTD, we have an enviable collection of Continental tyres Grays like:

Summer Tyres [Eco Contact™ 6]

Continental uses Green Chili™ 2.0 compound in these tyres to make sure they offer optimal performance when the temperature rises above 7°C. You can consider these products an informed investment to provide your car with an enhanced road grip and handling performance on hotter surfaces.

Winter Tyres [Conti Winter Contact™ TS 850]

These models can improve braking performance when you manoeuvre your vehicle on ice-covered surfaces. Moreover, their biting edges can resist water build-up between the road surface and the wheels. So, there is a reduced risk of aquaplaning.

All-Season Tyres [All Season Contact™]

Their moderate tread depth and compound ensure they provide optimal performance all year long. So, you can opt for these models to avoid the hassle of seasonal tyre changes.

Performance Tyres [Sport Contact™ 6]

These sports car-friendly tyres use Black Chili compound along with the adaptive hybrid cap ply Aralon350™ for an improved driving experience without losing car control.

We also retail:

  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Run-Flat Tyres

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