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Are you looking for Air Conditioning Regas for your vehicle?

The overall performance of your car’s air conditioning system depends on its refrigerant level. Due to excessive usage, clogged filters, leakage or any other underlying fault, the refrigerant may fall below the optimal level. Hence, automobile experts suggest opting for an air condition regas once a year.

We, Broadway Tyres & Servicing LTD, offer reliable air-con services at affordable rates in the market. Our experts conduct a detailed inspection of the air conditioning system, following which we use advanced refrigerant changing equipment to top up the refrigerant to the recommended level.

What are the signs of low refrigerant in the air-con system?

Some of the warning signs that may help you identify low refrigerant level are as follows:

  • Hot air coming out from an air conditioning system
  • You can see the leakage from the AC
  • Clutches do not engage properly
  • Reduced fuel efficiency, etc.

In case you come across any such signs, make sure to opt for our air condition regas Grays and avoid possible complications in the long run.

About our air condition Regas Grays

We aim for 100% accuracy, conducting a thorough check of the air conditioning system and deciding the course of action accordingly. This check helps us identify the underlying issues and provide the best solutions to prevent the recurrence of an issue. If we find any problems in the associated components, we suggest replacement solutions with OE-grade spares.

Then, we check the refrigerant level in your car’s air conditioning system using cutting-edge equipment. If not within the recommended level, we top it up using either of the two refrigerants:

R134a: This refrigerant is for vehicles manufactured before 2017.

R1234yf: This is the gas used in cars manufactured after 2017, post the ban on R134a.

Hence, it is time to end your ‘air con refill services near me’ searches and visit us at BP Service Station, Dock Road, Grays, RM17 6EW.

However, if you have further questions or want more details, feel free to contact us on:

Phone number: 01375 467857 and 07555 119118

Email Id: broadwaytyresservicing@hotmail.com