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Are you looking for Carbon Cleaning for your vehicle?

One of the best ways to prevent soot accumulation in a car’s engine is by opting for carbon cleaning. A routine carbon cleaning ensures your vehicle’s emission level meets the Euro 6 standards and helps the car pass the MOT on the first attempt.

Are you looking for a garage that offers reliable car carbon cleaning Grays?

Visit Broadway Tyres & Servicing LTD without giving it a second thought!

We are one of the best in the market, offering engine-related services using industry-best standards. Further, cutting-edge automobile equipment and tools help us provide the best results within the least possible waiting time.

Why is carbon cleaning important?

Diesel and petrol-powered vehicles produce carbon dioxide as a by-product of an internal combustion process. The excess carbon dioxide accumulates as soot in the exhaust and engine system. Though devices like DPF and catalysts lower the amount of soot, a certain amount of residue remains in the exhaust chamber and engine system.

Accumulation of soot can lead to various driving hazards, such as:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Increase in the emission of toxic gases
  • Reduced engine performance, etc.

Therefore, we suggest our customers opt for carbon cleaning Grays at regular intervals to avoid such complications.

About our service

We follow the best procedures to conduct exhaust carbon cleaning Grays. These methods are as follows:

Simple pour-in treatment

During this process, we pour some special chemicals that dissolve all the unburnt soot and thoroughly clean the engine system.

Fuel injection process

We will tap into your vehicle’s fuel system to inject some refined fuel into the engine system. Due to this, the temperature inside the car engine system will rise and remove the soot accumulation.

Sounds perfect, right?

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