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Are you looking for 4 wheel alignment for your vehicle?

During manufacturing, equipment assembling the vehicle attaches the wheels to its axle and suspension system at certain crucial angles. However, over prolonged usage, these wheels can go out of alignment. If you continue to drive with misaligned wheels, it can jeopardise your safe and comfortable car handling experience. Thus, you must seek professional assistance in such an instance.

Here, at Broadway Tyres & Servicing LTD, we provide 4 wheel alignments Grays for all-wheel-drive vehicles with independent suspension systems. Our technicians use state-of-the-art machinery to adjust all four wheels and restore the misaligned wheel angles to their original specifications.

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What are the crucial wheel angles?

Wheel angles we check include:

Camber: This refers to the inward and outward angle of your vehicle’s wheels when you look at your car from the front.

Caster: If you observe your vehicle from the side, this is an angle the steering creates with the vertical axis.

Toe: This refers to the inward or outward wheel angle if you observe your car from the top.

Thrust: The thrust angle requires imagining a line perpendicular to the centreline of the rear axle.

Reasons for wheel misalignment

Several reasons can contribute to the misalignment of the wheels, including:

  • Using inadequately inflated tyres
  • Driving at high speed on bumpy roads or over potholes
  • Damaged car components

Symptoms of wheel misalignment

Never ignore the warning signs of misaligned wheels, such as:

  • The vehicle drifts to a side when driving straight
  • Crooked or juddering steering
  • Decrease in the vehicle’s short braking efficiency
  • Uneven tyre wear

What we do

Here, we refer to the original manufacturer’s specifications to understand the degree of misalignment for each wheel. Accordingly, our experts use an advanced aligner to readjust the camber, caster, toe and thrust angle for all the wheels.

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