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Are you looking for EML Diagnosis for your vehicle?

Consider a scenario where you are in the middle of your journey and see an orange light on the car dashboard.

This light is the engine management light, or EML, warning you about some potential issues under the bonnet.

In such a scenario, you can always come down to Broadway Tyres & Servicing LTD and opt for an EML diagnostics Grays if you are in the vicinity. Our technicians possess considerable experience in this field and offer this service with maximum precision and accuracy.

What is an engine management light?

The EML or Engine Management Light is one of the many warning lights on the vehicle dashboard. This warning light is connected to the ECU or Engine Control Unit and indicates issues in the engine’s electronic unit.

If you see this light on when starting the engine or while driving, visiting a professional automobile facility like ours is necessary to prevent further discrepancies.

About our EML Diagnostics Service Grays

During this service, our technicians will firstly connect a laptop to the vehicle OBD or On-Board Diagnostics port to read the error codes generated by the ECU. After carefully analysing these error codes, our technicians understand the actual cause of the issue and suggest the best possible solution within no time. If any vehicle components are severely damaged, we replace them with OE-grade spares.

Following this, we reset the ECU to ascertain the EML light goes off.

Hence, you can stop searching for a ‘car EML diagnostic service near me’ and come to us. You can find us at BP Service Station, Dock Road, Grays, RM17 6EW.

For quotations, call us on 01375 467857 or 07555119118.

However, if you need more details, feel free to write to us at broadwaytyresservicing@hotmail.com.

We will be happy to help!