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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle?

All vehicles that run on diesel come with a Diesel Particular Filter (DPF), which captures carbon residues and soot from the exhaust system to maintain optimum emission levels.

Nevertheless, there is a limit to which this filter can capture particulate matter. Beyond this level, a DPF requires cleaning to ensure maximum performance.

Automobile experts usually suggest opting for a DPF cleaning service every three to nine months. We, Broadway Tyres & Servicing LTD, offer DPF cleaning Grays at a nominal price. Further, our technicians have several years of hands-on experience in this field and provide reliable service within the shortest waiting time.

Is DPF cleaning essential?

A DPF cleaning service should be opted at regular intervals for the following reasons:

  • It prevents excessive accumulation of carbon residues in the DPF and saves it from irreparable damage.
  • This service will ensure that your vehicle emission levels strictly follow the Euro 6 guidelines.
  • Further, a routine DPF cleaning Grays protects your vehicle from sudden breakdowns.

Hence, you should opt for this service if you come across any of the following symptoms of a clogged DPF:

  • Increase in the fuel consumption
  • DPF alert light illuminated on the car’s dashboard
  • Drop in the engine capabilities
  • Black smoke coming out from the car’s exhaust tailpipe

About our DPF cleaning Grays

During this service, we follow one of the following methods of DPF regeneration:

Active regeneration

In this process, our experts inject fuel into the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst or DOC, raising the temperature inside the DPF system and removing the residues.

Passive regeneration

During this process, experts will run the car at a constant speed of 40 mph for about twenty minutes. Consequently, the temperature inside the DPF system will increase, and all the clogged soot will burn out.

Manual regeneration

Seeing illuminated DPF warning light on the vehicle dashboard, contact us right away! We provide professional and reliable manual regeneration of the DPF system.

Hence, you can trust us and end your ‘DPF cleaning services near me’ searches.

Come to us at BP Service Station, Dock Road, Grays, RM17 6EW and let us help you with your vehicular concerns.

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