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Are you looking for Car Service for your vehicle?

Regular check-ups and proper maintenance are vital in keeping your car optimally functioning. So, here at Broadway Tyres & Servicing LTD, our experts use cutting-edge machinery and state-of-the-art technology to offer car servicing Grays in minimal turn-around time.

We offer:

Interim servicing

You can consider opting for this service every six months or after covering 6,000 miles – whichever is earlier.

Our interim service generally consists of 50 to 55 checks, including:

Tyre check: Our experts use advanced tread depth gauge equipment to check whether the tread depth of your car tyres is on par with the legal limitations of being at least 1.6mm. Moreover, we check whether the tyres are adequately inflated. If not, we either add or release extra air if we find these products over or under-inflated.

Brake fluid replacement: The brake fluid is responsible for turning the applied force on the brake pedal into pressure on the brakes, enabling the car to halt. However, it can get contaminated by accumulating moisture over time. So, we flush out the old brake fluid and replace it with a new one.

Full servicing

You can opt for Full vehicle servicing once every year or after covering 12,000 miles – whichever is earlier. This 77-point endeavour includes:

Antifreeze top-up: The car coolant is responsible for safeguarding the engine from overheating. So, if the fluid level drops below manufacturer specified level, you can experience a vehicular breakdown due to a malfunctioning car engine. So, our experts top the coolant up as per instructions.

Car bulb replacement: The headlights and taillights of your car should work properly to offer you a safe and comfortable car handling experience. Using damaged car bulbs can lead to failure in the annual MOT test. So, we offer halogen, LED and xenon bulbs as a replacement measure.

Major servicing

The most critical components of your car start to wear out after covering 24,000 miles or around the time span of 2 years. So, here we conduct this in-depth 77-point check and offer prompt replacements for damaged car parts or contaminated consumables. We provide:

Alternator belt replacement: The alternator belt transports power to several engine accessories and helps the car battery recharge. So, a damaged alternator belt can lead to a dead battery. Therefore, we offer an OE-grade replacement spare to ensure it is compatible with your car's make and model.

Timing belt replacement: The cambelt of your car engine makes sure the camshaft and crankshaft are synchronised. The valve and piston can collide 200 times per minute with a damaged belt. So, we provide prompt replacement measures in minimal turn-around time.

Hence, stop searching for ‘car servicing near me’ and visit BP Service Station, Dock Road, Grays, RM17 6EW. Or, call 01375 467857 / 07555 119118 for further information.