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Bulphan is a hamlet and former civil parish in the borough of Thurrock. It lies near the A128 road. If you are looking for a nearby car repair service centre, come to Broadway Tyres And Servicing. We will take care of all your vehicular needs.

Our car services Bulphan

Here are the car services we offer:

Car air conditioning

Is your car AC taking too long to regulate the cabin temperature?

If yes, there is probably an issue with the air conditioning system. Come to us for a proper air conditioning inspection; we will check all the components and provide prompt replacements using OE-grade spares wherever necessary.

Exhaust repair and replacement

Do you notice black or blue smoke from the car tailpipe?

Then, its exhaust system may not be functioning optimally. Come to us for a professional exhaust inspection, and we will resolve the underlying issues promptly.

Laser wheel alignment

Is your vehicle suffering from decreased fuel efficiency?

It might be an indication of your car’s wheel misalignment issue. At our workshop, we offer laser wheel alignment to correct discrepancies in the alignment of your vehicle’s wheels.

DPF cleaning

Has your car’s engine performance decreased?

Your vehicle’s faulty DPF may be the culprit. Come to us for a DPF inspection; we will determine the correct regeneration method to get it back in proper working condition.

Breakdown recovery

Your car can break down in the middle of the road due to several factors like underlying engine issues, using poor quality fuel, problems in the wiring etc.

When you call us for a breakdown recovery service, we reach your location in a fully-equipped recovery vehicle and make sure that your car is ready to get back on the road in the least possible time.

We also offer services like Engine Diagnostics, Carbon Cleaning, Engine Flush, etc. You can book any of our car services online, on your preferred date, by entering your vehicle registration number.

A look at our tyres Bulphan inventory!

We offer premium, mid-range and cheap tyres Bulphan across several categories like:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • All Season
  • Performance
  • 4X4
  • Run-flats

Please enter your car tyre size in the online car tyre finder tool, and you will get several tyre models from world-famous brands like Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, etc., to make your purchase.

End your search for ‘tyres near me’ by calling 01375 467857.

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